First, a confession/humblebrag. When I was recently asked to be a judge for the Maine Film Association’s first-ever 72 hour film Winter Movie Challenge, all the judges singled out a young actress named Claire Statczar. Appearing in Wolf Media WhiskeyIn the “Cinema Absentia” mockumentary, Statczar played the lone disgruntled teenageRead More →

Advances in cinematic technology have come at a strange price for independent filmmakers. On the one hand, anyone can make a movie now, the relative low cost of not only professional-grade digital cameras, but also sophisticated editing software putting moviemaking at your fingertips like never before. On the other hand,Read More →

[ad_1] “Stephen King is as much Maine as blueberries and lobsters,” says Topsham-based film producer Leigh Doran, who, alongside writer-director and Brunswick resident David Jester, prepares to film an adaptation of the short story. King’s terrifying “One for the Route.” The director duo, who team up to run the Maine-basedRead More →

[ad_1] The 23rd annual Maine Jewish Film Festival kick off Saturday. As always, this annual cinematic celebration takes on the meaning and evolution of Jewishness, while scheduling a week-long list of films that showcase different aspects of Jewish life around the world, in all its complexity. This is traditionally greatRead More →

[ad_1] A movie can’t change anything, except when it does. It would be nice if every well-meaning movie about injustice, prejudice, or one of the myriad other terrible things in this world eliminated the problem, but it never happened. However, a truly inspiring film can certainly spur an individual intoRead More →

[ad_1] When you prepare to interview the director of a movie called “Coronavirus Conspiracy”, I have to be honest, you are preparing for the worst. Thankfully, director and Maine native James Sunshine’s movie (now available to rent or purchase on your favorite streaming service) isn’t the kook-fest I imagined. Instead,Read More →

[ad_1] A dream-eating Japanese elephant-like creature called baku, right, is one of the mythical creatures in “Cryptozoo”. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures “Utopias never work.” The visually stunning new animated film “Cryptozoo”, Which opened nationwide and on demand on Friday, (including for a weekend run to the recently reopened forRead More →

[ad_1] “The Catch” is one of many films made in Maine shown at the Maine International Film Festival. Photo courtesy of MIFF Currently in full screening of a carefully curated selection of the best films in the world, until Sunday, the venerable Maine International Film Festival is officially back. OfRead More →