Rising filmmaker Jay Beckett to direct new indie film on LGBTQ issues


Jay Beckett’s upcoming independent film will be about LGBTQ issues as well as the post-COVID world.

Hollywood, California – 03 December 2021 – Fresh out of his widely recognized performance with The Here And Now Theater Company, popular actor and filmmaker Jay beckett is pleased to announce that an independent film will soon be released early in the quarter of 2022. Directed and written by Jay, the film is set to be a family drama concerning LGBTQ issues and the post-Covid era.

Entitled “Say Grace”, the film is slated for release in March 2022. The film is produced by Carson Strickland. Filming for the film will begin next week in Hollywood, California. Madison Jones is the casting director and the film’s first assistant director.

“I am delighted to share with you all that I will soon be releasing with my new independent film, ‘Say Grace’. The film deals with LGBTQ issues and the post-COVID era, two of the most crucial topics right now. There are many discussions going on on LGBTQ issues and more is needed to enable the LGBTQ community to establish their rights in society. It is regrettable that the community must have suffered for a long time from misconceptions and unfounded myths and that it still struggles to establish its identity. As a member of the ‘Say Grace’ team, we hope that our next independent film can make positive contributions to strengthen the LGBTQ niche, ”Jay said.

“Say Grace” will debut at various film festivals.

“We plan to present the film at several film festivals. We look forward to raising public awareness of the various issues facing the LGBTQ community through our upcoming work. So the more platforms we can use, the better. ”

Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Jay beckett is a multi-talented artist and performer. Originally from Lima, this booming American-Peruvian actor has established himself in cinema and on stage with the same enthusiasm. He has always been inclined towards the performing arts since his childhood and in 2017 he finally decided to embark on a full-time acting career.

“If you want my opinion, acting as a career was probably on my radar forever. I have always enjoyed acting and entertaining others, and I had a feeling that my true vocation lay in acting. So, finally, in 2017, I decided to make acting my professional full-time career and since then I have never looked back. I enjoy all aspects of art, whether I’m playing in a movie, on stage, or for a commercial.

Some of her notable projects are “A Little Tokyo Story”, “Wonder Women”, “My Mythology”, “Breathing Time”, “Have a Good Day”, “Nasty Bosses”, etc. Recently, in October, he performed in a theatrical production with The Here and Now Theater Company held at Soka University.

Jay decided to learn about cinema during the pandemic and received professional film and directing training from the LA Film School.

For more information, please visit https://www.jaybeckett.com

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